• Cold sores treated with laser therapy reducing pain and healing time

    Using a diode laser (low level laser therapy or ‘cold’ laser) to treat cold sores. Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex 1) can be treated by antiviral topical creams or systemic antiviral agents.  Studies are now showing that diode laser therapy can reduce pain and promote early healing of cold sores by 100% in the prodomal stage

  • ICON* no drilling required!

    Fabulous new filling material to prevent decay extending both between the teeth and on the white spots on teeth.  ICON requires no anaesthetic and looks very promising at sealing and stopping the beginnings of decay.  The video attached shows how it works.  Contact us to see if it is suitable for your teeth.

  • Recycling Oral Care Products

    Recycling happening at Adelaide City Dental Care!  Bring in your oral care products and we will send them for recycling to Terracycle to reduce landfill.

  • Quality in Practice

    It is terrific that we have been awarded accreditation from Quality in Practice for our Dental Practice.  So you can be guaranteed that you will receive excellent service and treatment while you are in our care.

  • Mouthguard Warning

    Mouthguard Warning | 9 News Adelaide