• Building Flood

    We apologise for the inconvenience but 25 King William St was flooded this morning and the Practice is unable to operate due to lack of power and water everywhere! Thank you for your patience while we clear up the damage. Dr Stone can be contacted on her mobile number 0403435155 should you need emergency advice

  • It’s a Boy!

    Nathan James born 25th July 2013 at 10.18pm.  3.46 Kg (7 lb 10 oz).  Catherine, Matthew and Nathan are all doing well.  Congratulations to you all from the Staff and patients of Adelaide City Dental Care.

  • Girl Guide Biscuits

    Available at the Practice for those special people who would like to purchase great fundraising sometimes foods and support the Girl Guides.  We keep them out the back so just whisper in one of the Staff’s ears for your purchase.  There are original plain biscuits, chocolate dipped plain biscuits and chocolate dipped mini biscuits for $3

  • The Tooth Fairy Affair

    A very cute animated video at this address about a boy, his grandmother’s dentures and the tooth fairy! We are sure you will love it. Copy and paste into your browser. http://goo.gl/Z53nQ

  • Sports Mouthguards for Front Teeth in one piece!

    Winter sports generally require mouthguards on the field. They need to be worn at training too as we all want to see front teeth in one piece! We can construct made to measure mouthguards in a range of colours in your club’s colours!