Dr Chow is originally from Sydney and moved to Adelaide in 2004 to study dentistry at the University of Adelaide. She graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and has since worked in both the public and private sector providing general dental care. Catherine’s friendly demeanor, integrity and gentle approach ensure you will feel at ease under her care. She strives to communicate clearly to enable you to understand your treatment options and provide the best quality of dental care. She is keen to help each person realise the importance of their dental health, whatever stage of life they are in.


She is married to Matthew and together they have a toddler, Nathan. Catherine enjoys being a mum so much that she now only works part time. During her free time, she enjoys keeping busy trying new recipes, card marking and sewing toys for her son. Her weekends usually involve spending time with family and friends, and going camping and hiking when possible. She can’t wait until Nathan is older, and they can go and see other parts of the world and experience other cultures first hand!