We remind all patients of the terrible impact a sporting injury can have on our teeth, jaw and soft tissues. We are heading once again into Winter sports time, which is when we see an increase in sporting injuries.  A knock to the mouth can result in losing teeth as well as significant long-term damage.  Most sports are now no mouthguard, no play; an initiative which we fully support.  Here at Adelaide City Dental Care, we make professional mouthguards for both junior and senior sport.

Port Power mouthguardOur mouth guards are custom-made, comfortable and firm fitting to ensure maximum protection for you or your child.  They are coloured in the design of your choice and even have your name in them.  We love the choice Michelle made for her custom mouthguard. 😊   She will definitely be able to avoid the terrible impact of a sporting injury now!  The Australian Dental Association have a great fact sheet on dental trauma.  Their recommendations are the same as ours.

Should you or your child knock a tooth out, we would recommend the following steps:

  • Find the tooth, be careful to only pick it up by the “crown” of the tooth-not the root
  • If it is an adult tooth and fairly clean, put the tooth back where it came from (if you can)
  • Gently bite on a tissue to support the replaced tooth and get to the Dentist for assistance
  • If you are unable to put the tooth back in, store it in milk or saliva in a container and get to the Dentist immediately.

ball hitting child in the faceA chipped or broken tooth may also need to be assessed quickly.  Call and advise the clinic you have a mouth trauma and we will assess the tooth and decide on the best course of treatment with you.  We are here to support you in any emergency dental situation.  Call the clinic on 8212 3880 and will we assist you.

May the floss be with you!  As an avid Star Wars fan, May the 4th is one of Michelle’s favourite days of the year.  Expect a Star Wars meme or two on our Facebook page!!  We had a busy month during April.  Michelle had some eye surgery; Kylie went on a houseboat holiday and Catherine took some time with her family over the school holidays.  Kylie was our first staff member to have the COVID jab and Michelle will be having her jab soon.  Whilst we have largely been spared the awful toll of COVID in Australia, the greater good will be achieved through mass immunisation and we are happy to receive our immunisation to ensure our community is protected.

Thank you for continuing to support our clinic and for taking the time to read our newsletter.  We enjoy hearing your feedback about what you have read.  We would love you to forward it to any other people who you feel might benefit from some of the information we have provided.  We also appreciate your kind referrals of people who you think will benefit from our care.

See you in the clinic, from the team at Adelaide City Dental Care

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