Pets’ teeth are important too, especially as a check and clean at the Vet’s is considerably more expensive than a human one.  Kylie recently had Princess Poppy’s teeth cleaned and was $700 lighter in her bank account for the experience.  This is probably because we humans don’t usually need a general anesthetic to have teeth checked and cleaned!  As Princess Poppy does like to give kisses to her humans, avoiding transfer of bacteria to those humans is appealing.  You can imagine where a pet’s mouth has been….

Dog with gum diseaseBut it is all about prevention for our pets to keep their teeth healthy just like us.  Your pet’s teeth should be white without a yellow/grey/black film over the teeth.  There shouldn’t be any holes in them and they shouldn’t be loose.  Your pet’s gums should not have red edges next to the teeth or bleed when they are eating.  They still get the pain and discomfort from broken teeth, holes and gum disease that we get but unfortunately can’t tell us about it.  So regular checks with your Vet is important.

There are lots of options for helping to keep your pet’s teeth healthy.  It can get a bit confusing but essentially talk to your vet for great advice.  Some of these options are include:


  • Specially dentally approved pet food diet which helps control plaque and tartar/calculus buildup
  • Brush pet’s teeth with special pet toothpaste, a pet toothbrush or cloth.  There are also rubber finger stalls that you can put on your finger to brush their teeth with.  Even done for one minute a day will help prevent dental decay and gum disease. Dentist with horse smiling
  • Dental chews and treats that encourage chewing will remove plaque and prevent tartar/calculus buildup
  • Dental chew toys are also great for chewing but also if you change the toys up a bit your pet will be less bored!

milo the dog with toothbrushIt has been a touch damp and a bit windy around the place in the last month.  So, most of us are spending more time inside with our pets!  We have numerous pets among our dental family at the clinic ranging from large dogs to cats to birds and then there are the horses.  There is Justin, Mister Wolf, Ruby, Pretty Kitty Meow Meow, Kitty Boo, Peanut, Franklin, Prothos, and Buster, to name a few.  We will put a few smiley pet pictures on the socials.  Feel free to share yours on our page too!

See you in the clinic!  The Adelaide City Dental Care Team.

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