At Adelaide City Dental Care, we are proud to look after our patients who have dentures (false teeth) and we are here to support and treat patients who need dentures. Dentures are a long-term, removable solution to replacing missing teeth. Dentures are made in response to replacing multiple teeth. They can be made to fit both the upper and lower jaw. Dentures are a custom-made product whereby we work closely with our laboratory to ensure your new teeth are comfortable, well-fitting and provide great aesthetics.

Dentures do require maintenance periodically, which we can monitor, assess and coordinate for you to meet your needs. At this appointment we will check your gums and soft tissues are healthy and disease free. We work closely with our laboratory to ensure denture repairs are made quickly and without a large disruption to your normal use requirements. We are happy to organise labelling of dentures for those patients moving into a nursing home environment. Need to contact us for more information or a consultation to discuss dentures?

What are dentures made from?

Dentures are routinely made from acrylic and may have porcelain or acrylic teeth. A full denture is made to replace all of your teeth, it is more commonly made from acrylic and looks very much like natural teeth to help restore your confidence and smile. A full denture rests on the gums and relies on the curve of your mouth along with suction to remain in place. It may take a little time to get used to a full denture if you have never had one before, but you will be using them happily in no time.

A partial denture is designed to fill the gap created by more than one missing tooth. Partial dentures are also removable and can be held firmly in place with discreet “clips”. Partial dentures are often made on a metal framework which incorporate the clips so the denture fits firmly and to reduce movement when chewing. The metal framework is then covered partially or fully with acrylic to enhance the natural appearance and the teeth are added where needed. Partial dentures are a precision fit and each partial denture is custom-made and carefully designed and fitted for maximum comfort and performance.

Some partial dentures are made entirely out of acrylic or nylon and may or may not include wire clasps to attach to the adjacent teeth in your mouth. These acrylic partial dentures can have additional teeth added to them should another tooth be deemed needing extraction. Partial dentures are made in close consultation with our laboratory technicians to ensure optimum fit and natural appearance. Our close working relationship with our local technicians mean we can work together to provide you with the best outcomes.

What happens next with your dentures?

If you require dentures to be made, impressions will be taken of your teeth. This will be the first appointment out of approximately 4 over the course of a month. The laboratory will make up mock dentures made of wax to enable us to mark out key feature areas of the teeth and mouth for planning your final denture. There will be another appointment for trying the denture to make sure the denture teeth appear natural and are set at the correct levels. This may take two appointments to ensure it is just right. A final dental appointment will then be made to fit the denture and ensure you are comfortable, able to eat, speak and smile.

It may feel a little unusual to start with, however this is completely normal and your facial muscles and tongue will get used to the new sensation. Your mouth is readily adaptable and will become accustomed to the denture with patience and time. Having well fitting dentures is worthwhile as they are a long-term replacement option and they need to be right. Dentures can be adjusted to improve the fit should the need arise.

How do I clean dentures?

Dentures can be cared for similarly to looking after natural teeth. Soaking dentures in a specially made denture soaking formula such as “Polident” or “Steradent” can make the dentures easier to clean, kills bacteria and keeps your denture fresh. The denture can then be brushed clean with a soft toothbrush, or a denture brush. Once the denture is clean, rinse the denture and you are set to wear it again. Please see: for more advice regarding denture cleaning.

Do I need to remove dentures?

Yes, it is healthier for your mouth if dentures are removed at night. This gives the gum tissue a chance to breathe. The tissue expands to the shape it would be without the compression of the denture and your denture will fit better in the morning. Removing the dentures allows saliva to contact your remaining teeth and tissues to moisten your mouth and help prevent decay.