What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars which are positioned at the very back of the mouth. They are the third and final molar and can be present in the upper and/or lower jaw, or not at all. If you have wisdom teeth come through, they will typically erupt around 18-22 years of age. Wisdom teeth which have erupted fully into the mouth may give only minor discomfort as they come through-a bit like teething babies. Wisdom teeth which only partially erupt, or are lying sideways in the jaw are generally the trouble makers. Speak to our team on (08) 8212 3880 to work out the best course of action to assess your wisdom teeth.

What are Wisdom teeth pain symptoms?

Erupting teeth often apply pressure to the tooth in front of them, which can give you quite a jaw ache, aching teeth and a strange sensation when eating.

When the erupting tooth comes through only part of the way, it leaves a large area of gum tissue covering half of the tooth. This gum is easily bitten, traumatised or infected. It can swell up interfering with speech, eating and sometimes speaking. This can be quite painful. Our Adelaide dentists can treat the inflammation to assist in your recovery, however, scheduling removal of these teeth may be your best option to alleviate future problems.

Can I just leave wisdom teeth if they are sideways?

Sometimes the best treatment with unerupted teeth is to do nothing. An x-ray will be taken to assess your wisdom teeth position, how close they are to the nerve in the jaw and what impact they are having on the other teeth. Wisdom teeth which lie sideways can be a problem later, when they “eat” into the tooth in front due to the pressure they apply, or the bacteria which trap between these teeth causes decay. A removal earlier can save many problems later.

When should I remove my wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are more easily removed when you are in your late teens or early 20’s. It is better to schedule them to be removed when you know it is convenient, rather than dealing with an emergency extraction when they play up. The best time for removal will depend on how the teeth are sitting in the jaw and how developed the wisdom tooth roots are. An x-ray will be used to assess the wisdom teeth and your whole jaw to develop a plan.

Do our dentists remove wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth removal can be performed in the dentist chair. Our dentist will assess the exact nature of your problem and will advise you the best course of action. The nature of wisdom teeth and removal often requires referral to an Oral Surgeon. The Oral Surgeons are highly trained and highly skilled in all aspects of dental extractions. They have affiliations with the hospitals and day surgery facilities to provide you with general or intravenous sedation to improve your teeth removal experience. Oral surgeons remove multiple teeth at a time, meaning one visit and all over.

How long does it take to recover?
Wisdom teeth extraction is often a simple process, which largely passes without great comment. We all know someone who has had a difficult time with wisdom teeth removal and are happy to share their war story. A simple extraction will recover over a day or so, with full healing of the socket happening over a period of months. This healing is not noticeable, and you will be very comfortable. A difficult extraction however, can give discomfort for nearer to 4 days to a week. You may feel a bit bruised, battered and swollen. Follow the post-operative instructions as they help greatly.

An early assessment of wisdom teeth with examination and x-ray is recommended if you have any concerns. Planning ahead and treating the concern before it becomes a problem is the best course of action with wisdom teeth. They have a habit of being a problem when it is the hardest time to deal with them.

Speak to our Adelaide dental team on (08) 8212 3880 and we will be able to assist you with making appointments to assess your wisdom teeth.

How much does it cost to have your wisdom teeth removed in Australia?
This varies depending on the situation. We would refer you to an Oral Surgeon to have this treatment done.
Awake or asleep for wisdom teeth?
This varies depending on the situation. We would refer you to an Oral Surgeon to have this treatment done.
Is removal of wisdom teeth covered by health insurance?
In most cases wisdom teeth removal is covered by health insurance but you would need to check that your fund and level of cover does prior to having the procedure done.
Is removal of wisdom teeth covered by Medicare?
No removal of wisdom teeth is not covered by Medicare. The consultation may be depending on the Oral Surgeon you are referred to.
How many wisdom teeth can be removed at once?
All 4 can be removed at once if required.
How long does wisdom teeth surgery last?
This varies depending on the difficulty of the surgery.
Is wisdom tooth removal painful?
In most cased wisdom teeth removal is completed under anaesthetic either local, twilight sedation or general. It is usually that the removal is painful. You will have some recovery time after the procedure where it may be painful. In most cases medication is prescribed to assist postoperatively.
Are upper wisdom teeth easier to remove?
Not necessarily.
How long should I take off work for wisdom teeth?
You would need to discuss this with the Oral Surgeon.