5 Easy solutions to Wisdom teeth pain

  • Of course, if you suspect you have problems with your wisdom teeth the first step iXray showing wisdom teeths to give us a call on 8212 3880 and arrange a consultation to assess your concerns- we may arrange for a special x-ray called an OPG that will show all of your teeth and jaw bones.
  • If you have minor pain or swelling of the gum around the third molars (often due to food and bacteria trapping in the area) rinsing your mouth with a glass of warm water with half a teaspoon of salt dissolved in it will often help to reduce the soreness and swelling.
  • Ensure the area is kept really clean- a small soft tooth brush can be used to clean around wisdom teeth that are only part way into the mouth.
  • Pain relief including paracetamol and ibuprofen can be used to help with discomfort, as long as your medical history allows you to take them. Make sure you follow the directions on the packet.
  • Large swelling of your face or mouth, especially if you cannot swallow properly or open your mouth wide, is considered an EMERGENCY. Immediately call us during business hours 8212 3880 to arrange an urgent consult, book online, or if after hours please attend your local ED or emergency clinic.

Facts about wisdom teeth your dentist would like you to know

Wisdom teeth, also know as the third molar teeth, occur at the very back of the jaws and are usually the last teeth to erupt into the mouth. For most people this occurs between 17 and 25 years old, with two upper and two lower wisdom teeth being normal.

For some people their wisdom teeth will erupt into the dental arch without any symptoms or problems, and become functional useful teeth. However, for many of us, wisdom teeth will often need to beAged tooth picture removed, and this can be for a variety of reasons. In most cases there is not enough room for these teeth to emerge fully into the mouth and they can be trapped behind the teeth in front, often with some gum or bone covering part or all of the tooth- this is referred to as being ‘impacted’. Difficulty cleaning around wisdom teeth can result in gum infections or decay, sometimes damage to the adjacent tooth, and crowding. Occasionally cysts can form around wisdom teeth, so even teeth that are left under the gum and bone should be reviewed with x-rays periodically.

Signs and symptoms your third molars are a problem

Signs and symptoms of third molar problems can include

  • Swelling and sometimes bleeding of the gums toward the back of your mouth
  • Swelling or tenderness on the outside of your jaw or face. Sometimes it may be difficult to open your mouth widely.
  • Bad breath or taste
  • Pain in the jaw or teeth that may radiate through the face and head.

In many cases symptoms may be very minor, or even non-existent, even if some of the above-mentioned problems are occurring. If you suspect that your wisdom teeth may be erupting into your mouth, or causing any problems, make sure you get them checked!

Finally, if you do require removal of your third molars don’t panic- you won’t lose any wisdom, in fact its often the smartest thing to do!  Call the clinic on 8212 3880 to book your assessment today.

This month is going to be exciting for Dr Catherine Chow, as she is making a big trip overseas to Kangaroo Island!  Travel is back!  😊 Last month, Dr Michelle Stone and our hygienist Kylie were lucky enough to attend a conference on the Gold Coast.  It was an intensive 2 days of training to ensure we are providing excellence in care for you, our patients.  We are still collecting blankets for Fred’s Van this month.  If you would like to clean out your linen press and bring in a blanket, we will be delivering them at the end of the month.  This was an awesome addition to our community service initiatives last year and we are keen to provide as many blankets as we can.  We have also welcomed Trudy and Emma to our Adelaide City Dental Care family, you will see Trudy assisting Dr Nick Heide, and Emma at reception and performing our sterilisation.  We are very pleased to have both ladies join our team.

See you in the clinic.

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