Dr Nick Heide is a friendly, professional and highly skilled dentist in Adelaide, whose career spans almost two decades.  Dr Nick Heide firmly believes each and every patient should be “treated as I would treat my own family, or how I would like to be treated myself.”  Dr Nick Heide has a keen sense of humour disguising a kind and gentle person who takes great pride in his care of each and every patient.

Dr Nick Heide communicates clearly throughout each appointment so patients have a clear understanding of the care they will receive, what it means for their health and well-being and how it will improve their smile.  Dr Nick Heide understands the relationship between a generous smile and self-confidence.  He has performed many full oral rehabilitations, restoring his patients’ function, rejuvenating their appearance and allowing them to smile with confidence again.

Dr Nick Heide is a family man with three children with whom he shares his interests in horses, reptiles and dogs and is a passionate fisherman.  He has quite the menagerie and whilst he tells us it’s complete, we really don’t believe this to be true, particularly when his wife finds a puppy she adores!

Dr Nick Heide has been a very welcome addition to the Adelaide City Dental Care family who aligns with our core values of respect, empathy, care and compassion.  Dr Nick Heide’s greatest achievement in dentistry is “the long-term trust people place in him, not only for their own dental health, but that of their family and friends as well.”  Dr Nick Heide has added greatly to our pursuit of continued excellence in professional dental care within a family environment.