At Adelaide City Dental Care, we can restore your natural tooth with a dental crown. Crowns are the preferred restoration when there is little tooth structure remaining, when a tooth is badly cracked, or the tooth is weakened and requires additional support. A crown can provide the ideal result for restoring bite and function as well as aesthetics. Crowns can last for decades and feel strong like natural teeth.

We are proud to use local, high-quality technicians to custom-make each crown. Together, we determine the best material for the crown to meet your requirements. Your dentist will prepare the tooth for the crown so that it will fit precisely. The crown will provide the tooth with structure and support.

What are dental crowns made from?

We make crowns out of different materials which meet the functional demands of the tooth and provide the best aesthetics. Crown material options include:

  • Porcelain fused to metal- this type of crown is used for high biting demand areas. It has a metal core to provide strength and has a porcelain overlay for the best aesthetic appearance.
  • Gold- this type of crown is used for high biting demand areas which oppose natural teeth. The softer nature of the gold is gentle on a natural opposing tooth. It would be used in back teeth where aesthetics are not a concern.
  • All ceramic Porcelain- These crowns are tooth coloured and provide a very aesthetically pleasing result which is great for front teeth. They provide a lovely match to the adjacent teeth.
  • All ceramic Zirconia- These are tooth coloured and have high strength. It is great for covering a darker tooth as the way the Zirconia crowns are made provides an opaquing effect. It makes the tooth appear lighter and more natural in appearance. This can be used for back and front teeth.

What happens with your dental crowns next?

Our dentist will advise you if a crown is the right treatment for you. You will receive a complete treatment cost for the crown and our staff can liaise with your health fund to determine your rebate. It is important you have all the information up front. You will need an appointment for impressions to be taken to ensure your crown is an exact fit to your tooth. The dentist will prepare your tooth to ensure the crown is covering and protecting the tooth. The crown will be made using state of the art equipment and materials. Our dentists work closely with our technicians to ensure the best outcome in terms of fit and aesthetics. The crown is then permanently cemented into place, providing your tooth with strength and support.

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