2020 is the Year of the Nurse and Midwife, and there has surely been no greater appreciation of our wonderful healthcare staff than during the events of this year.  Healthcare workers who have constantly put themselves in danger to provide us with care make us eternally grateful.  For some of us 2020 has been the best of years having more time with our families, less commitments and many of us working from home.  For some of us however, it has been the toughest of years with illness, injury and the loss of jobs and loved ones.  We can look forward from these times to the New Year with hope in our heart as we pursue our individual versions of happiness.

At Adelaide City Dental Care, we have also experienced the highs and lows the year has brought.  We have had Dr Nick Heide, Claire and Tina join our team, bringing new perspectives and adding to our patient care.  We were unable to practice for several weeks, except for dental emergencies which made us all grateful to return.  We will say goodbye to Emma, our caring, kind and helpful assistant as she pursues a life in Darwin.  It is not goodbye we hope, it is only “see you later”.  We will also farewell Dr Carine Maxwell as she takes maternity leave to have her third child.  With 3 under 5, we feel as though it might be “see you soon” as Carine may return for some peace and quiet?

Thank you for your continued support and kindness over the year.  We have appreciated your understanding, your kind referrals of new patients to us and your patience as we muddled our way through uncertain times.  We look forward to our continued journey together as we finish this year and head into 2021.  See you on the flip side!

With an appropriately social distanced hug from all of the team at

Adelaide City Dental Care

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