3 of the top causes behind bad breath.

90% of bad breath originates in the mouth, and is caused by bacteria. The bacteria break down food debris and the by-products of that process are call Volatile Sulphur Compounds.  It is typically these Sulphur compounds which are the culprit of Halitosis-bad breathbad breath problems

To help with bad breath:

  • brush twice daily for 2 minutes, including brushing your tongue and a quick sweep over the inside of your cheeks.
  • Clean in-between your teeth once every day-these are hard to reach places in which bacteria love to multiply.
  • Drink a litre of water per day as a minimum.  This helps produce healthy saliva, keep the mouth moist and assists your body to remove harmful toxins.

Troubles or infections of the pharynx, lungs or stomach including reflux can affect your breath.

  • Reflux is a particularly common culprit which can wreak havoc with your breath.
  • Reflux can be recognised by acidic wear on your teeth, a persistent tickling cough, or a metallic taste in your mouth when waking.
  • Heartburn and indigestion, burping frequently and a sore throat.
  • Post-nasal drip from hay fever and colds can give you terrible breath on a more temporary time-frame.
Spicy foods, keto diets, alcohol and smoking are all self-inflicted causes of bad breath.
  • A balanced, healthy diet is key to taking great care of yourself with limits on alcohol and avoidance of smoking.
  • Probiotics are a great way to improve gut health which in turn can improve bad breath.

If persistent bad breath is noticeable to you, or a loved one, eliminate one source at a time.  A thorough dental examination and oral hygiene review is an excellent place to start.  Once you receive the “all-clear” from your dentist, it would be advisable to see your general practitioner to pursue other causes.

dentist flossingHappy February!  How wonderful Summer weather is for enjoying the regional areas of our state.  We strongly agree with the “shop local” and the “great SA stay” campaigns, we are blessed to live in such a wonderful state.   A friend of the practice was heading to Coffin Bay to swim with the sharks, we were not as confident in pursuing that type of regional activity.  Michelle recommends the Watershed brewery, or the Riverland for a more relaxed adventure.  We all recommend Kangaroo Island as a simply breathtaking destination.  What are some of your recommendations?  Let us know at admin@adelaidecitydentalcare.com.au

Fun fact:  Tongue prints are unique, like fingerprints!

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