We hope you enjoy the Father’s Day celebrations this weekend. Please be careful as you munch away on those delicious treats, as things like nuts, pork crackling, olive pips and bones in meat are some of the most likely suspects to create a cracked tooth.

A cracked tooth is different to just chipping off a part of your tooth or filling. A cracked tooth is typically sensitive to cold and sore when you bite on it, especially when there are small particles in the food such as seeds or nuts in bread or muesli.  Often people with one cracked tooth also have others, and there are habits such as clenching, grinding and chewing on ice or hard lollies that could contribute to cracked teeth.

If you think this sounds familiar, it is important to come in and have it looked at. Early identification and treatment of cracked teeth leads to a much better outcome, as these teeth are notoriously difficult to manage. If left untreated, it could lead to a situation where extraction is the only option we have left. In most cases, we can come up with a good solution, and most importantly we can also help prevent any other teeth from developing a serious crack.

For further information on cracked teeth, see our Facebook page-Adelaide City Dental Care.  Cracked teeth will be discussed all this month.  They are an easily overlooked problem as they come and go, but can lead to trouble.

We are all excited about the warmer weather in the last few days- hopefully Spring starts in earnest soon! Last week we did our First Aid and CPR refresher courses so that we are well equipped to look after you when you are here. Of course, we hope we won’t have any need for it, but we are prepared nonetheless!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Adelaide City Dental Care Team

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