Now before you know it we are into February and it is back to school time!  The holidays are over and it is school activities, sport, Girl Guides, Scouts, choir, dance and the dreaded school lunches.  What to put in them that they will eat and not just throw in the bin, that are healthy, that are tooth friendly, easy and quick to do, can be made in advance with child help and frozen……  The list goes on!  Well, we have some tooth friendly healthy lunchbox ideas for you.

Try to avoid muesli bars, LCM’s and the like as their sugar content is really quite high!  There is glucose, sugar, fructose, glucose syrup, golden syrup, maple syrup all on the labels which just equals sugar.

There is more information on a YouTube video for you. 

We would love to see your pictures of a tooth friendly healthy lunchbox! Post them on our socials!

Another thing for the kids is that did you know there are two National Tooth Fairy Days in the US?  The first is the 28th February 2023 and the next is 22nd August 2023.  So on the 28th February there could well be staff dressed up as Tooth Fairies and friends for the day.  Might be a good day to get the kids in for their dental check ups!

See you in the clinic!  The Adelaide City Dental Care Team.

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