brooklyn puts mask into recycling We must maintain many standards in dentistry; however, we choose to maintain an environmentally friendly standard for all of us.  Did you know we:

  • Recycle all of our masks through TerraCycle.  This is a paid service that helps prevent masks being added to landfill, or ending up in the ocean.  They recycle all of the masks and make new products.
  • Use totally degradable barriers for draping the surgery.  Once in landfill, the microorganisms break it down to Carbon Dioxide, water, humus, and trace elements. This does not leave fragments of petro-polymers in the soil, doesn’t emit methane or nitrous oxide, and can safely be recycled.
  • Have changed all of our fluorescent light globes to more energy efficient LED lighting.  This will reduce our energy consumption used for lighting by up to 80%.
  • Recycle all of our plastic drink cups, paper and cardboard, we are grateful for the support of the Adelaide City Council making recycling available to businesses!
  • Are also proud to support TerraCycle with recycling oral care products and packaging. Feel free to bring in your oral care products when you next visit to place in the special TerraCycle bin!  This initiative has 6000 participating locations across Australia, recycling close to 650,000 units of used dental care products.  The recycled waste is then processed and used in making a range of products like garden beds and benches for schools to name a couple.
  • Available at the dental practice are a selection of bamboo interdental brushes.  We have had a lot of success with the cornstarch brushes too.  They are ecofriendly, made with sustainable bamboo and are non- toxic and BPA free.

Our environmental protection procedures are in line with our practice values and our personal values too.  If you think others may be interested in a practice mindful of our impact on the world, please share this newsletter with them.

This month, we turn the spotlight on to one of our newest staff members, Brooklyn. Brooklyn joined us in January after Caitlin moved to Canberra to pursue a graduate position. Brooklyn hails from Brokbrooklynen Hill and has previously worked in a hotel receptionist position.  Brooklyn brings a fresh face to our reception area, her warm greetings both on the phone and in person have been a welcome addition.  Brooklyn has had a steep learning curve understanding dental care, but she is enthusiastic and we appreciate her amazing efforts.  Brooklyn likes art, dinner with friends and family and getting out and about in the city. Brooklyn does not appreciate life as a renter trying to get repairs done.  We know she will take good care of you. Please extend a warm welcome to Brooklyn.

See you in the clinic!  The Adelaide City Dental Care Team.


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