We have attended to some really interesting dental problems of late, which have largely stemmed from treatment received overseas. It is a sad fact that some other countries haven’t quite the same level of training or expertise which dentists in Australia have undertaken. We are blessed to have some of the best dentists trained right here in Adelaide and they use the most up-to-date technology and materials to ensure successful treatment.

We cannot always repair or restore teeth which have had extensive treatment overseas. Please be mindful about what treatment you actually need. A comprehensive treatment plan will include x-rays, models of your teeth, and it will take time to construct. The final results should feel comfortable, not have jagged edges and should appear sound on an x-ray. Be informed and educated about what you are getting in to. Are you also prepared to fly back overseas if something needs correcting, or fails? Please talk to us if this is even something you are considering. A little knowledge goes a long way.

The key to making any dental treatment long-lasting remains in oral health maintenance. Maintenance includes a healthy and balanced diet, brushing and flossing gently and carefully daily, and scaling and cleaning of the teeth, including a concentrated fluoride treatment. All of these factors contribute to a healthy mouth, and a healthier you and reduced treatment needs.

Happy new year!! We hope this year brings you every happiness and the new decade is a fresh new start for those who had a tough 2019. As we reflect on the newsletters of 2019, we find a common theme of kindness, sharing and education to ensure we all have the tools to take better care of ourselves. Perhaps this decade will be one where we are kind to ourselves and spend that little bit of time to do so, in between taking care of others. In this new decade, we welcome back Dr Carine Maxwell from maternity leave and Kerryn, our new Friday hygienist. It is wonderful to have these ladies complementing our team, they are wonderfully skilled and bright additions to our Adelaide City Dental Care family.

Do you know someone who can use our services? We always welcome new patients. Whether it is a friend, family member, or colleague, we will make sure we provide them with the same professional treatment you expect from Adelaide City Dental Care. Please call (08) 8212 3880 to make a booking.

Finally, our hearts as I am sure yours, are breaking for the loss of so much of Australia’s precious bush-land and wildlife, not to mention the loss of family homes and livelihoods, some of our patients being affected too. If you follow our Facebook/Instagram site, you will see our donations which went to the CFS, and displaced persons, and the wildlife rescue operations as well. We were pleased to assist our community in this way. Our hearts are with you all.

See you in the clinic! The team at Adelaide City Dental Care

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