Sangria, sparkling, rose, red, moscato, white, beer, ale, cider, sweet, dry or with passionfruit overtones.  All of these and many more are patient favourites at this time of year!  There are no surprise beverages, given it is hot, there are multiple celebrations to be had over the summer, plus the Tour Down Under has been in Adelaide and the surrounding areas, cricket is at Adelaide Oval and tennis is at The Drive.


Teeth and alcohol do have some issues.  Most alcohols are acidic and the acid can remove the surface layers of enamel from teeth and can erode exposed root surface areas.   Recommendations for wine makers and professional wine tasters have been in use for almost a decade in relation to acidity and their teeth.  The recommendation is to use a remineralising creme regularly to prevent loss of tooth structure.  We have the GC products containing the peptide complex CPP-ACP (casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate) at the clinic available for purchase to assist in remineralising teeth from acid erosion and to help prevent further erosion.  This product, called Tooth Mousse and Tooth Mousse Plus (added Fluoride) is derived from milk protein. They come in a variety of flavours but none with passionfruit overtones!  Please contact our staff for purchases.


Practice Update:  At the end of the year we said goodbye to Dr Audrey Lim.  She has been with us for nearly 2 years and has moved on to continue her career.  We wish her well.  As you would know Dr Catherine Chow is pregnant and she will go on maternity leave at the end of January.  We also wish her well with the third baby addition to the family.  To cover Catherine’s maternity leave we welcome Dr Carine Maxwell to the clinic.  Carine graduated from the University of Adelaide and worked in Sydney.  She has now returned to Adelaide.  She is interested in all aspects of dentistry and is happy to assist you with caring for your oral health.


See you in the clinic.  The Adelaide City Dental Care Team.

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