So new year new habits!  Have you ever wanted to be one of the people who floss every day?  It takes practice but it is possible!  We have an ongoing challenge for people who want to start flossing.

The 30 day flossing challenge is still here!

Don’t try to go straight from nothing to everything straight away.  Habits are built over weeks and months.  Pick a habit you want to add to your routine, let’s say flossing!  Then the recipe is to pick a specific moment that will remind you to do the new habit i.e. bathroom before bed.  Make it easy to start i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday … okay maybe just Monday and Thursday.  Then celebrate doing the deed i.e. star chart on a phone app or let us know on social media.  When this part of the habit is stable then you can ramp it up to 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, every day.

Sounds so easy but is actually quite tricky.  Good luck, and let us know how you go.  We have a flossing video on Facebook that might help!

Happy New Year to you all.

We had a little time off from the clinic and that has left us refreshed and ready to embrace 2022 and all it has to offer.  The new year is a time to reflect on the past year and look to new habits and new gains for the coming year.  We found 2021 was challenging due to the increased requirements of SA Health Covid19.  Our work family has all pulled together with a touch of humor and the odd morning tea plus or minus (really bad) sweet things.

You may have noticed we have added a dental chair for Tina to assist more patients and we have two new dental assistant trainees.  Tina is an Oral Health Therapist who can assist you with your oral hygiene and children’s dental care who you might have seen before.  Please welcome Jessie and Alex, our trainees when you see them around the clinic.

We hope that all our dental family had a lovely end of year and managed to catch up with family in person or on zoom/whatsapp/wechat/facetime.  Dr Stone headed up to family in the Riverland after hosting more family in Adelaide.  Dr Chow and her energetic boys all had a fun time at Tree Climb.  Dr Heide and his family did some renovations and looked after the menagerie.  We would love to hear all about your stories when we see you next.  Maybe also about your new flossing habit!

See you in the clinic,

The team at Adelaide City Dental Care

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