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The trees on King William Street are about to be covered in leaves again and the city is starting to feel less cold. The lane-ways in the city are wonderful to explore during the milder weather. The street art in the lane-way behind our building is really spectacular. There are some “tooth fairy” doors on some buildings which are fun to find during a city stroll. Football finals are upon us, however, Dr. Michelle Stone is not feeling as confident about her team’s chances. All in all, spring is a great time to come into the city.

Our regular patients will notice the redevelopment of our Victoria Park Dental Care practice reception area. Kim is loving the bright new space and is happily greeting patients for Dr. Michelle Stone one day a week and Dr. Ash Kaur four days a week. Contact Kim on 8332 1188 if you think the Victoria Park Dental Care team can assist you with any treatment you require. Meanwhile, at Adelaide City Dental Care, we have welcomed Elle to our team. Elle is making her mark on our reception area and is a kind, helpful and welcome addition to our team. Please introduce yourself to her when you come in, she is enjoying meeting all of you.

Spring tends to bring about questions from our patients regarding teeth whitening. At Adelaide City Dental Care, we believe the best and most effective method is the “take home” whitening. We custom-make trays to fit your teeth and you use them to apply whitening gel at home over several weeks. The custom-made trays ensure you don’t bleach anything except your teeth, and the gel is a gentle formulation to whiten comfortably, but effectively. This allows for a gradual change which is also better for your teeth.

At your recall appointment we would be happy to discuss whether whitening is suitable for you. Whitening toothpastes are useful for removing coffee, tea, cigarette and red wine stain but do not have enough active ingredients to change the intrinsic colour of your teeth. We have been able to source an effective whitening toothpaste which removes stain and “freshens” your smile. It is an interesting activated charcoal toothpaste which also has a “blueing” agent to enhance your smile if whitening is not suitable for you.

Dental Health Week was celebrated during August. We were excited to have Dr. Michelle Stone volunteer her time to speak with the children at Rose Park Primary School. The theme for Dental Health Week was Anywhere, Anytime Oral Health for Busy Lives. Sometimes the number of tasks required of us during the course of a day is simply overwhelming. Taking the time out to floss, brush twice or visit your dentist can be enough to break anyone. The raft of evidence demonstrating the importance of oral health in maintaining general health continues to grow, and our general health is easy to ignore as our bodies often work in far from optimal conditions. “A healthy person has many wishes, but a sick person only has one.” We really need to stop, breathe and take a moment to take care of ourselves so we can take care of everything else.
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Kind regards, Dr. Michelle Stone and staff of Adelaide City Dental Care.

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