The Christmas holidays can be a challenge for teeth with our more relaxed attitude, eating a variety of foods and consuming more soft-drinks and alcoholic drinks than perhaps normal.  This can leave teeth vulnerable to breakage, sensitivity, chipping, or at worst, tooth loss.  So, what do we do in an emergency situation?  Stop, take a breath it will be OK. The Australian Dental Association has an emergency service during this time.  The number for this service is 8272 8111.  For emergency advice Dr Michelle Stone is available on her mobile phone.

Sensitivity that is short acting and instantly active is likely to respond to local application of a desensitising paste such as Colgate Sensitive Prorelief or Sensodyne Rapid.  Broken teeth that are not an aesthetic issue or cutting cheeks or lips can be fixed temporarily by an emergency dentist or a non-sugar chewing gum is quite effective to cover a hole.  Swelling and intense long-lasting pain needs a dental appointment as soon as possible.

The start of a new year often brings about resolutions and lists of things to achieve.  A relevant task which could save you a lot of money during the year is to reassess your private health and any other insurance policies to ensure they are up to date.  An exciting task we know only too well!  The Australian Dental Association has found a newer comparison company that may be able to assist you with this job.  There are many insurers who are smaller and not as well-known who offer fantastic cover.  The website address is ADA Compare your policy

We would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  How ever you celebrate the beginning of a new year we hope you celebrate it your way in a manner which brings you joy.  Dr Michelle Stone is hosting both her and her husband’s family for a traditional Christmas celebration.  Dr Catherine Chow and her husband will be running around after her 3 excited boys.  All our other wonderful staff will be home with their respective families with many varied celebrations and enjoying the summer holiday.

Over the Christmas/New Year break the dental clinic will be closed from Friday afternoon 20th December 2019 to Monday 6th January 2020. 

So have a lovely Christmas and New Year time celebrating, keeping in touch with family and friends, and in your New Year resolution perhaps add in ‘making time to floss’!

See you in the clinic!

Kind regards,

The Adelaide City Dental Care team

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