Christmas time in the city

December is such a busy month!

December is such a busy month for all of us.  Christmas is rapidly approaching for most of us, deadlines need completing prior to the end of the year and party invites increase with the warmer weather.  Don’t forget to stop and take time out to just enjoy the sunshine and get some vitamin D (very good for bones and teeth!). 

Our dental clinic will be closing from Monday 24th December 2018 to 3rd January 2019 inclusive.  The staff are all looking forward to time with families during the holiday period.  Dr Michelle Stone will be having 25 people at home for Christmas Day while Kylie is escaping the week before Christmas for some family time before her daughter starts High School in the New Year.  Dr Carine Maxwell has exciting news as she is pregnant!  So she will be spending time with her husband and son and hopefully resting before her impeding maternity leave in March.    Julie is looking forward to her time off to enjoy the Summer. 

Do watch out for the treats during Christmas and New Year which can really stress teeth out.  Bite cautiously into olives, keep hard nuts away from large restorations and cut the pork crackling into smaller, more manageable pieces.  Be a little mindful of high acid drinks foods with snacking which can create sensitivity.  If your teeth do get into trouble Dr Stone is available on her mobile for dental advice.

Enjoy the festive, holiday season and we will see you bright and shiny in the clinic. The Adelaide City Dental Care team.

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