Dental emergencies can evolve quickly, or creep up over a few days or even weeks.  We are here for you on all occasions should you need our assistance, but in the meantime, there are a few techniques you can use at home to provide relief.

The first step is to try and identify is it the tooth, or the gum which is uncomfortable.  Gum soreness can present as a “cut” feeling, inflammation causing pressure, or general tenderness.  This can be more acute around wisdom teeth and may or may not cause bleeding.  The first steps on the road to recovery would include very gentle brushing with a soft or extra soft toothbrush, making sure to get all the way up to the gum-line.  Flossing at least once daily, gently and under the gum to really clean the sides of the teeth.  In this instance an antiseptic mouth-rinse like Curasept, or Listerine both in alcohol-free versions may be of assistance to speed relief.  If after 2 days, you are still uncomfortable, with no improvement, please contact us 8212 3880 so we may further assist you.

Is the tooth uncomfortable?  Signs may include tenderness to bite hard things such as a grain in bread, short, sharp pain to cold, or sweet.  These may be indicators of a crack in the tooth.  If it is bearable, it will probably remain a minor irritation for quite a long period of time.  If it is stopping you eating, drinking, or enjoying food, it is probably more urgent to call 8212 3880 to address the crack before it really causes a problem.

Is the tooth occasionally jumpy to brushing, cold, sweet in a way which is short-lasting and goes away rapidly?  This may be root surface sensitivity which is caused when the root surface of the tooth is exposed.  This root surface transmits sensation directly through to the nerve of the tooth causing a pain sensation to be triggered.  This may be eased with the use of a desensitising tooth paste such as Colgate Pro Relief or Sensodyne.  Rub the tooth paste into the area which is sensitive-typically at the gum line and leave the paste undisturbed.  If this is not effective, or reduces sensitivity within a few days, please call us 8212 3880 to pursue this issue.

Our usual recommendations for home care include drinking plenty of water, eating a varied diet-everything in moderation, brushing twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste, flossing once a day and taking good care of yourself remain in place.  Mouth-rinses are only recommended if you are run-down, unwell, or have ulcers or a gum infection which will specifically respond to a mouth-rinse.

Our team are present in the clinic to treat emergency patients currently, with an anticipated return to Level 2 care of patients imminent.  This will mean some reduced treatment, however an ability to provide care, not just in an emergency.  Some of our team have been working at home and there are social distancing measures in place to ensure our safety, and yours.  We have missed our patients greatly and have been concerned for all in the wider community, and the Adelaide City Dental Care community alike.  We hope you are all well and have enjoyed the change of pace which COVID-19 has brought about.

See you in the clinic!  The team at Adelaide City Dental Care

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