What do we mean when we talk about a dental crown?  It is important to understand how they are made, and how it is going to fit onto your tooth without causing damage.  Whilst we feel we communicate well in the surgery, sometimes the information can be overwhelming.  We thought we would discuss further, what a crown is.

A dental crown can be made from Gold alloy, Zirconia, Porcelain or Porcelain fused to metal. So why a crown instead of a filling?  Crowns, unlike dental fillings, cover the biting surface of the tooth and hold the whole tooth together providing it with support.  We have heard this described as a “crash helmet for a tooth”.  The stronger material helps the tooth to function better and more often than not, look better too.A crown covers the natural tooth.

The tooth in question is prepared-this involves cutting it down to make it slimmer and shorter in order to accommodate the coverage of the crown.  The crown is made by the laboratory to ensure a precision fit in your mouth.  The completed crown is then cemented into the mouth and you have a strong, long-lasting restoration which restores your function.  More information can be found on our dental crowns treatment page.

November in the clinic sees us welcome back Dr Catherine Chow for an additional day in the lead up to Christmas.  Dr Chow will commence Fridays with us about half way through November, she will take great care of you as she is kind, gentle and very experienced.  Dr Chow has been with us for a number of years and we are pleased to have her cheerful presence in the practice more.

Spring weather has certainly interesting, we hope it has been kind to you.  As always, it is lovely in and temperature controlled in our Adelaide dental practice.

There must be something in the water at the moment, or should that be in the air?  We were excited over the last couple of weeks to celebrate the engagement of our dental hygienist Kylie and our assistant Emma.  Congratulations to both of these lovely ladies and their equally lovely fiancés, we wish you all the love and happiness life can bring.

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