Are your teeth on edge from the winter cold? Whilst it may be cold and wintery in Adelaide, spare a thought for Apsley Cherry-Garrard a 20th Century explorer whose teeth shattered from the cold.  Cherry-Garrard travelled to Antarctica in 1910 to obtain Emperor Penguin eggs for zoological study.  So many days in the intense winter cold, killed and shattered his teeth to pieces.

Our wintery weather may not be enough to kill our teeth, but the colder tap water can be enough to make us leap.  If you experience a short-lasting, sharp pain which goes away just as quickly, it may mean you have teeth sensitivity. 

Teeth can be sensitive for just a day or two, which is not a problem, however if your teeth are sensitive over a prolonged period of time, you may need some de-sensitising toothpaste to help.  Your Adelaide dentist will assess your teeth to determine the cause of your sensitivity and if a de-sensitising toothpaste will work for you.

Adjusting your brushing to use a feather-like touch, and always using an extra soft toothbrush will go a long way to keeping sensitivity at bay.  Speak to your dentist for more advice. 

June sees Dr Michelle Stone off on holiday to China and Vietnam.  She will be enjoying warm weather and kayaking adventures as we speak.  Dr Catherine Chow is here to assist you should you need urgent attention and staff will be on hand.  Dr Stone had some busy days at our annual Dental Congress, she learnt many new things, revised some old information and we all saw many new products, equipment and the latest developments in dental care.  We bought some special new equipment which we will share more about once we receive it.

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