• Healthy mouth, healthy body

    “Say Ahh: Think Mouth, Think Health” Here at Adelaide City Dental Care we are excited about World Oral Health Day on 20th March 2018.  The theme is “A healthy mouth and a healthy body go hand in hand” and we know there is such a close association between our oral health and our general health. 

  • February 2018 Newsletter

    Sangria, sparkling, rose, red, moscato, white, beer, ale, cider, sweet, dry or with passionfruit overtones.  All of these and many more are patient favourites at this time of year!  There are no surprise beverages, given it is hot, there are multiple celebrations to be had over the summer, plus the Tour Down Under has been

  • Spring Newsletter

    Welcome to the Adelaide City Dental Care Practice Newsletter The trees on King William Street are about to be covered in leaves again and the city is starting to feel less cold. The lane-ways in the city are wonderful to explore during the milder weather. The street art in the lane-way behind our building is

  • Autumn Newsletter

    Welcome to the Adelaide City Dental Care Practice Newsletter Autumn is a lovely time of year in the city.  We have a wonderful view over King William St to watch the leaves change colour and the trams go past.  We hope the Easter long weekend was a lovely break for you, as we also enjoyed

  • Cold sores treated with laser therapy reducing pain and healing time

    Using a diode laser (low level laser therapy or ‘cold’ laser) to treat cold sores. Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex 1) can be treated by antiviral topical creams or systemic antiviral agents.  Studies are now showing that diode laser therapy can reduce pain and promote early healing of cold sores by 100% in the prodomal stage