October is one of the least favourite months on the dental calendar, as Australia seems to be embracing more the concept of Halloween.  All that sugar, hard and sticky lollies are terrible for teeth.  Dr Stone is determined to fight back this year with a sugar swap.

Children 12 and under are encouraged to:

  • Make an appointment with Dr Michelle Stone, or Tina Tran on Friday 30th October
  • Bring in your lollies for Halloween to swap for a free check-up
  • Dress up in your favourite costume/outfit (Dr Stone will be a tooth fairy!)
  • Receive a piece of fruit after your appointment
  • Keep sugar and lollies to a minimum to maintain good health
  • Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

This will be a great fun afternoon, but please book quickly to avoid disappointment.  Bookings can be made on 8212 3880.

This year has brought about many of these feelings of loss of control due to the high levels of uncertainty in the world currently. There are songs written about dreams of tooth loss and many of you have been telling us you are experiencing dreams of losing your teeth.  You are not alone in having these dreams.  If you are interested in “dream meanings” we can happily report the loss of teeth in your dreams represents that feeling of loss of control in your daily life.  It is not a representation of your poor oral health.   We have been noticing a number of similar issues people are having with their teeth, gums, mouth and face over the last several months.  Most of which are related to stress.  Has there been any stress over recent times? ….. maybe??

Many patients have been reporting aching face muscles, jaw joints and increase in headaches.  Their teeth display heavy evidence of clenching and grinding of their teeth with shiny wear facets present.  Most people are unaware that clenching and grinding affects all your facial muscles as well as your teeth.  This may require a night-guard to keep your teeth apart.  If you are concerned about your teeth at all please book an appointment to see us.

The end of the year is rapidly approaching so if you wish to take advantage of your health fund limits it might be time to book those appointments in now and avoid rushing during December.

How quickly the year is passing.  From some of the slowest months where uncertainty was the start of each day, to all of a sudden, we have reached October.  We hope the last few months have been kind to you all, and your families and friends are safe and well.  We have welcomed a new Oral Health Therapist to our team, please say “hi” to Tina next time you are in the clinic.  Tina is working on Fridays.

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See you in the clinic!  The Adelaide City Dental Care Team.

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