Home care tips for your crown or implant

  • Crowns and implants are smooth and much easier to clean than a tooth with a filling, but the “joins” where the implant meets the tooth or the implant base need to be kept very clean to ensure the longevity of these restorations.
  • Your crown will give you years of use but very hard brittle things are a challenge for all teeth, so pork crackling and hard nuts are not the thing for crowns, take it easy!
  • Daily flossing is amazing with a crown as the floss will glide through. It is amazing for all your teeth and gums too. For larger spaces, interdental brushes work well and mechanical cleaners such as the Waterpik or Airflosser are brilliant around implants. (Bit messy but brilliant).

5 interesting facts about crowns and implants

  • If you’ve had a dental crown or implant placed in your mouth, not on your head, you will be aware the crowns are made in our local dental laboratory, Adelaide Laboratories, to your exact specifications.  You might be surprised to know it takes about 10 hours for the laboratory technicians to make your crown, including matching it in colour to your natural teeth.
  • The crown or implant crown is milled first in a milling machine out of pre-hardened Zirconia from the scan or impressions taken at the time of your appointment.
  • The colours are painted on by hand, to ensure the closest match possible.
  • Implants have the highest success rate of any dental treatment.  A dental implant success rate is about 92-98% successful, which is fantastic should you lose a tooth.
  • Crown longevity is quoted at 10 years, although most last decades longer with good maintenance!  Dr Stone has done a video on dental crowns and implants  if you would like more information.

Hi everyone, can you really believe we are in the last months of the year?  As usual, it seems time goes quicker than ever.  October saw us host our free children’s checks for Halloween fun.  This was an entertaining afternoon at both of our practices with dress-ups, sugar free lollies and young people.  It was wonderful to see families embrace the chance at a free check-up.  Did you know Dr Nick Heide is our resident artist?  Nick has been producing some amazing functional art pieces with recycled timber and things like horseshoes.  Ask him about it, or his rockstar life next time you see him.

Thank you

Thank you to all of our patients for your kind referrals of your friends and family.  It is our privilege to take care of you and yours.  We can grow and thrive and continue to provide excellence in dental care thanks to your generous referrals and kind online reviews.  You might not realize but there are people who only see dentists when they are in pain and this limits treatment options for them. Personal referrals help them to get the treatment they need.

Dental benefits

Please remember, as we head towards the end of the year and, dare we say Christmas, we do book up very quickly.  For bookings in the next few months, start scheduling now.  Don’t forget your dental benefits limits for this year finish on 31st December for most funds.  Make the most of those benefits.

See you in the clinic, from the team at Adelaide City Dental Care

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