The Winter months can be time for sitting with a blanket or Oodie watching Netflix, Stan, Disney Plus or other streaming sites.  Our ongoing joke in the clinic that Michelle is too busy doing work oBaby yoda eating snackr Girl Guides to sit and watch streaming services, but she did manage to watch all 16 episodes of The Mandalorian this year!  Grogu is very cute!  Whilst we love the streaming sites, they can be accompanied by a snack or two.

Sometimes we don’t make healthy choices in our snacks and they can have too much repH scalefined sugar resulting in tooth decay.  The other option is that we make healthier choices but sip and snack frequently, increasing the time we have acid attack on our teeth resulting in tooth decay and acid wear.  Sigh!

The real problem is that teeth do not repair themselves and need our help to stay healthy or to be repaired.  Don’t forget teeth need at least an hour to recover from an acid/sugar attack, so have the snack, then maybe have some water and let the teeth recover, don’t drag it out.  Our team is here to help with any questions, call and ask on 8212 3880.

So winter is well and truly here!  The leaves are nearly all gone from the trees along King William Street.  It can be a bit slippery on the footpath too in the rain, so watch your step.  This month, Michelle Stone is off camping with the Guides to get them ready for the longer “Riverdaze” State Camp to be held around Lake Bonney later on in the year.  Catherine Chow is bundling the kids up and taking them outside to play while it is still dry.  Catherine was so lucky last month to have a visit from her Sydney-based parents.  Nick Heide’s horses are happy to have their Winter blankets on, and his metalwork is keeping him warm.  It is a just a bit chilly outside but nice in the clinic.

Speaking of blankets, we are going to run another blanket drive for Fred’s Van during June.  Last year we were able to help many South Australians sleep warmer.  Please bring in any blankets you would like to donate into the clinic and we will make sure they get to Fred’s Van for distribution to rough sleepers.

Thank you for continuing to support our clinic and for taking the time to read our newsletter.  We enjoy hearing your feedback about what you have read.  We would love you to forward it to any other people who you feel might benefit from some of the information we have provided.  We also appreciate your kind referrals of people who you think will benefit from our care. brush beak or drop off cartoon

Last month, we farewelled our receptionist Elle.  After nearly 4 years with us, it was time for Elle to try her hand at something different.  We will miss her laugh and smile and know many of you will too.

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See you in the clinic, from the team at Adelaide City Dental Care


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