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October sees us welcome Elle back from her 3-week European adventure. She had a wonderful time away and has lovely stories to tell anyone who asks. October the 14th is World Cavity Free Future day. This is another exciting day in the dental community, with the focus being consuming tap water as our preferred drink, both for general health and oral health.

Last month, we discussed the impact of cracks on our teeth. We can treat many teeth problems with fillings and simple care. What happens when our tooth is so vulnerable it is at risk of splintering? In this situation, we can:

• do nothing and see what happens;
• we can try larger, more encompassing fillings;
• or we can prepare the tooth and cover it with a crown to provide long-term stability.

A crown is a custom-made cover for our teeth. It acts like a crash helmet protecting and taking the load from the tooth, absorbing and buffering daily trauma. Making the crown itself is where we rely on our local dental laboratory, Adelaide Laboratories.

We work closely with our laboratory technicians to ensure the best quality outcome for each patient. We choose not to send our dental laboratory work overseas, as the quality and workmanship cannot be guaranteed.

Please read more about dental crowns, or schedule a consultation on 8212 3880.

See you in the clinic, Adelaide City Dental Care team.

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