Winter is here and thankfully it is warm and toasty inside at Adelaide City Dental Care.

The trees along King William Street are almost bare and the tram works are nearing completion-thank you for your patience.  Gingival health is so important for maintaining general health as the mouth is an entry point for the rest of the body.  Bacteria in the mouth are able to migrate directly into the bloodstream, causing inflammation, changes to the arteries and more.  We recognise the need for good oral health to support good general health and that’s why we value our hygienists.

People often ask us why they should see Kylie and Julie as hygienists for their cleaning appointment, rather than the Dentist.   It really is a question of skill!  Kylie and Julie have trained for 2 – 3 years on assisting people with their oral hygiene and removing plaque and calculus from around our teeth.  Our Dentists have trained for 5 years to diagnose issues with the teeth, gums and jaws, do multiple dental procedures, dental hygiene and how to recognise the need to refer some procedures.  During your time with Kylie and Julie, you are receiving the best hygiene care we can give you.  They will take the time to also talk to you about how best to care for your teeth; whether that be the way to brush or floss or other special care your might need.  Our Dentists see them so they must be good!

Dental hygiene is particularly important for patients with orthodontic appliances which are incredibly difficult to keep clean, and for patients with a lowered saliva flow where food trapping occurs regularly.   More often than not lowered saliva flow, orthodontic appliances, bridges, dental implants and plates tend to upset the gums just as much as the teeth because of the increase plaque buildup that occurs in difficult to reach places in the pockets between the tooth and gums.

We have a number of oral hygiene products available vary from types of mouth rinses, brushes for cleaning between teeth, flosses, electric toothbrushes, electric air/water flossers, remineralisation products, dry mouth products and special kinds of toothpastes.   Kylie and Julie will happy explain the benefits and uses of these products to help you gain control of your oral health.  Feel free to chat to the ladies when you see them next.

See you in the clinic.  The Adelaide City Dental Care Team.

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