So, what is a biofilm and why is it important?

Everyone has a biofilm over their teeth and mouth tissues.  The biofilm is a mixture of good and bad bacteria, saliva and saliva proteins, food particles, water, minerals such as calcium, phosphates and fluoride, and cellular and intercellular products.  The nature of the biofilm enhances the ability of the bacteria in-situ to resist the host’s defense system and antimicrobial gels and rinses.

Bacteria in mouth

As the biofilm matures, becoming thicker and denser, the resulting bad bacteria can lead to dental decay, and gum inflammation (gingivitis) that can lead to gum infection (periodontitis).  People with periodontal disease have been known to also have associated systemic disorders such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and respiratory diseases.  In disrupting the biofilm, we can reduce the chance of dental decay and gum disease.  You can help with this by using a fluoride toothpaste with good brushing technique, flossing or interdental brushes and a sometimes a mouthwash.  Ask your dentist or hygienist about your gum health when you see them.

plaque and teeth

March has arrived and we hope you have been able to see some Fringe shows or the Adelaide Festival shows.  It is always a busy time during February and March in Adelaide.  Dr Stone’s daughter produced and starred in Cabaret Cliché.  We hope you have said hello to Jessie and Brooklyn, our newest team members.

Our receptionists will always ask you when you have completed your appointment with your dentist, oral health therapist or hygienist to book in for your next preventative care appointment.  There are a number of reasons why we ask them to do this.  One reason is that we want to keep a check on any or all of the following clinical situations such as:

  • areas we are watching such as gum pockets, cracks, edges of fillings or demineralisation areas that we want to keep an eye on,
  • to make sure that the calculus build-up that happens on your teeth over the 6 months isn’t affecting your gum tissues,
  • reviewing any bleeding or bad breath
  • to review wear facets on your teeth from clenching and grinding or natural wear
  • reviewing wisdom teeth
  • we disrupt the biofilm around your teeth while we are cleaning which reduces the bad bacteria that can cause gum disease, tooth decay, heart and lung disease and inflammation
  • Making sure the fillings you have are working properly,
  • Checking your facial muscles are not strained
  • Reviewing the mouth tissues for mouth cancers.
  • Checking your jaw joints are moving correctly

You might consider we may not be able to see you in the best time frame for your dental health care if we leave the booking until the month or month before you are due.

See you in the clinic,

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