New Year, New Habits! 😊 We hope you had a lovely festive season with even a break to breathe!  Dr Stone went up the river to help out family.  The high water was amazing to see, great for the trees and birds, but not helpful for some properties.

It’s that time of year again, the end of the old year, and the beginning of the new……..a time to refresh, update, turn a new leaf……

Which brings us to flossing

How many times have you left your hygiene appointment vowing to floss daily? You may even be diligent for three or four weeks, then before you know it, it’s time for your next appointment, and that floss, which has been neglected for the last several months gets a bit of a workout a few days before the next appointment.

What if we told you that there is an alternative to flossing?

One that is easy and less fiddly? Yes, such a thing exists.

It’s called an interproximal brush.  Belinda has been using them for over 15 years.  Once you know the technique you will never look back.  She still uses floss about 3 times a week to keep the areas where her teeth touch clean, but for gum care, you cannot go past an interproximal brush.

They are the preferred method of interproximal cleaning for many gum specialists.  They are preferred around dental implants because they remove more bacteria, are flexible, and can be manoeuvred around the base of the implant to keep them beautifully cleaned and maintained.

As an aid to general interproximal cleaning, interproximal brushes are very simple and straightforward to use, they are used with one hand, and you can use them whilst being entertained, for example, watching TV, scrolling your phone, reading a book, just fit it into your routine, by using them before you brush (like dusting before you vacuum).

At your next hygiene appointment, ask one of our lovely hygienists to show you how to use them.  You will never look back, and you won’t need to hurriedly try to make up for not flossing before your next appointment.  A video link is here to show you also

By the way you can recycle your tooth brushes, interproximal brushes and toothpaste containers at the practice.

See you in the clinic!  The Adelaide City Dental Care Team.

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