Dental Health Week is scheduled for 3rd – 9th August 2020.  This year it is all about those hidden sugars.  It is quite amazing how many foods have sugar in them that we wouldn’t even think about.  For example; some of those lovely muesli bars that are labelled as healthy have large amounts of sugar in them and tomato sauce can have as much sugar in it as Barbecue sauce!

Sugar comes in so many different forms from ordinary everyday cane sugar to golden syrup to fruit juice concentrate.  Please keep an eye on our socials during August as other hidden sugars are exposed.  We have had a lot of fun doing a swap out video for your entertainment too.  You can see your favourite staff members being superstars!

Last month we discussed what can happen if small issues with your teeth become larger issues.  In some cases, this will result in a recommendation for your tooth to be removed.  Sometimes teeth have had as much dentistry as they can handle and there are no other options.  However, it is possible to replace these teeth with a variety of options.  One of those options is a dental implant.  A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed in your jaw bone generally by a specialist dentist and allowed to heal.  In some cases, especially if the tooth is visible when you smile, a temporary crown will be placed at the same time while everything heals.

dental implant

Once the specialist is satisfied that the implant and bone join has healed properly, they will return you to us to take a series of impressions and/or scans to create a new crown that screws into the implant.  Dr Stone does say that “the process is a bit more like carpentry rather than dentistry as it is all about tolerances and screwdrivers!” Implant in place Please speak to our staff for more information about implants at Adelaide City Dental Care 8212 3880.

It is so amazing that it is August already.  We hope that you have been keeping warm and cosy.  With the coffee shops open again we have found it lovely to go for a walk to find a local coffee shop and sit inside to watch the world walk past #loveyourlocal.  For people not able to keep warm and cosy during the month of July, we collected blankets for Fred’s Van.  Thank you so much for your donations.  We will have them to Fred’s Van shortly.

Thank you all for your understanding as we continue to keep things safe for our dental family during this situation.  We are proud to remind patients our clinic has always been accredited for our infection control procedures.  Some small changes you may note at your next visit however, are:

  • social distancing in the reception area,
  • hand sanitiser on arrival for your use,
  • and a pre-procedural mouth rinse in the chair.
  • our dental hygienists and our referral specialists are a little busier currently as they try to catch up.

See you in the clinic!  The team at Adelaide City Dental Care

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