There are many sugar-free options on the supermarket shelves which make reducing sugar easier.  We can be sugar-free, FODMAP, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and HALAL in one easy trip.  The sugar-free choices are terrific, but these sugar-free options will still cause us decay if not limited as strictly as the sugar containing version.  If you have concerns, book an appointment on 8212 3880 to speak with your dental professional.

  • Sugar-free soft drinks. This cheeky little beverage will rot your teeth as effortlessly as the full-sugar version.  The acidic content of these delicious drinks dissolves the calcium and phosphate out of the teeth and washes it out of saliva.
  • Sugar-free cordial- This is a terrific alternative to the full-sugar version, but it should still be consumed as a treat.  Sugar-free cordial again contributes to the acidic environment of the mouth.  It lowers the pH and this takes an hour to recover from.
  • No-added-sugar juice-This is a terrible term which is used to imply a healthy product.  There may be no added sugar, but the level of sugar in the juice is naturally high.  This is coupled with the acidity from the juice and the tendency to have a full glass of juice at a time.  Juice tends to be consumed slowly and the acid and sugar hit is extended over a longer period of time.  This extends the time in the acidic pH zone, washes out the calcium and phosphate from saliva and deteriorates the strength of enamel, as well as bathing the teeth in sugar.  All of this, in addition to a prolonged exposure and recovery time.

Making good choices is hard at the best of times, but please speak to your Dentist and Hygienist if you have any questions around how much is too much of a good thing.

We hope you all had fun attending Adelaide Festival and/or Fringe events.  We saw a few shows complete with masks as was necessary!  Masks don’t really bother us that much … could be we are very well practiced.  Elle and Michelle made it out to a few shows and as usual, interesting was used in the descriptions, but it was nice to be enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle.  Most exciting is Carine has had a baby boy, Austin on 2nd March weighing 3030gm.  Fiona meanwhile has been moving house, we all know the joys involved in that process!

We have recently received some lovely feedback from you, our valued patients.  We are so grateful for any feedback, and appreciate the time you take to do so.  If there is anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable, do not hesitate to let us know.  We are also happy to see your friends and family and provide them with the excellent care you receive too, so keep those kind referrals coming.  They help us continue to exist and provide the care you have come to enjoy.

Easter was upon us with the requisite accompanying sugary treats.  Michelle is a big fan of Kytons Hot Cross Buns which are made locally in Edwardstown #buylocal.   Kylie meanwhile, is a big fan of anything from Haigh’s, believing quality over quantity.  Thankfully, there are numerous options available to satisfy all of us and when had in moderation, they are delicious and harmless.

See you in the clinic!

The Adelaide City Dental Care team.

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