Holidays often are when we have teeth trauma like lost teeth, broken teeth, injuries to gums and other tissues in the mouth.  Swimming pools, bikes, flying foxes, cricket, football, basketball, uneven steps, dark chocolate from the fridge, toffee etc all can create problems with teeth.  So, while you are away what can you do?

Firstly, you can ring us for advice or send an email.  If it is after hours there is an answering machine message with instructions but during business hours give us a call.  If you have a broken tooth you may wish to have a temporary filling placed by a local dentist where you are.  They are likely to take an x-rayjaw pain and we can access those with your permission or the dentist can email it direct to you.  The temporary filling will reduce the sharpness of the tooth and any sensitivity.  If you are overseas, dentistry can go to several extremes – it can be very expensive through to not great hygiene to excellent.  If you prefer not to have a temporary filling and the tooth is sensitive and sharp then some chewing gum in the space can help, or the chemist do have interim filling materials that you mix up and put in place. However, it is best to have some treatment as soon as possible.

If a tooth has been traumatically extracted from the mouth, especially a front tooth, then it can be missing toothreplaced back in place instantly.  Hold the tooth by the white crown section and push it pack in place.  The tissue around the area will be in shock so it won’t be as painful as if you wait.  Don’t wash it and play with the root surface as it will be damaged and may not recover.  If it can’t go back in then place the tooth in milk and get the person and the tooth to a dentist asap.  They will take x-rays and replace the tooth and splint it.  If you have other injuries place the tooth in milk and go to the emergency department with the tooth.  The sooner the tooth is replaced into position or as close as possible the better the result will be.

If you have severe pain from a tooth with lingering hot and cold sensitivity then it is likely the nerve has died in the tooth.  If the nerve has died then options are a bit limited to either root canal treatment or tooth removal.  Antibiotics can assist for a while but will not solve the problem as the body is trying to get rid of the dead material inside the tooth.

plaque and teethIf you have bleeding gums then a regular hygiene time is important prior to going away.  If you burn your mouth with hot cheese on pizza or a too hot coffee, then there really isn’t anything much we can do except let it heal.  You will need to be a bit gentle with brushing and highly acidic drinks and foods or rough foods that will irritate it.  A soft diet and water will be the way to go.

Of course, holidays also mean lots of fun, friendship, drinks, food and activities.  Don’t get too worried we can fix most things!

And within a minute it is April.  We hope you had fun with the Fringe and Festival.  The gigantic art installation in the mall was very interesting with all the ball bearings moving as you moved on the plate.  The artist was showing what can happen when we cooperate.  Easter is coming up and Dr Stone will be heading to Uluru with the family.  She is looking forward to lots of stars and the fabulous light installations.  Dr’s Chow and Heide will be able to help you while she is away.

See you in the clinic,

The team at Adelaide City Dental Care

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